Thanksgiving Gnome

Are you ready for turkey?! No? That’s okay, we still have a few months before the big meal. Makers have to work ahead. This adorable guy is holding a hand embroidered turkey and is ready to add that special touch to your Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂 You get to choose if his hat is slouched over or standing tall.

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Fun Flamingo Wreath

What happens when I try to make a flamingo inspired gnome? I end up with a flamingo inspired wreath, of course!!! Ha! Well, despite getting derailed from my initial mission, I am quite pleased with the results. I’ve been wanting to add something to my Etsy shop besides gnomes, and I think I may have found something else I can get passionate about. While the wreath as a whole was pretty satisfying to make, I really enjoyed making and designing the stuffed flamingo attachment. Admit it, you just want to reach through the screen and pet those fluffy feathers. It’s okay, there’s no judgement here. 😉

Front door flamingo wreath

So keep checking my Etsy shop to see what new gnomes and wreath attachments are added. While it’s only July to most of the world, to us crafters, the holidays are getting started. Let the stress begin! Ha!

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Monstera Plant Lover Gnome

I feel like I can’t scroll for one whole minute on Instagram without being smacked in the face with another amazingly beautiful monstera plant pic. I don’t own a monstera myself, but I wish I did. From the little I’ve read their care is easy, so maybe I should just be brave and get one?

Do you have a beautiful monstera plant or know someone that does? Well have I got the gnome for you! 😉

You can choose between a green or gray hat. Aren’t they fun?

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Wild West Cowboy Gnome

I have been wanting to making a cowboy gnome for quite some time now. I think my son having his very first horseback riding lesson may just have been the inspiration I needed to actually get it done. I love all the little details, like his button buckle, leather belt, fringe chaps, twine lasso…you get it!

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Sunflowers and Summertime!

I’ve been selling buffalo plaid gnomes holding cotton stems for some time now, but I decided it was time to offer a different accessory. What do you think of the felt sunflowers? I think they are bright and cheery!

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Fourth of July Gnome

Since Covid-19 and quarantine life took over the world, keeping up with my Etsy shop has taken a back seat. My sons have been home trying to do school work virtually. In order to make sure that’s happening, I’ve been pretty unproductive on the gnome-front. Ha! Today, though, I took a little time out to create a new Fourth of July gnome.

He was so fun to make, and I just love that his little pinwheel really spins! He’s about six inches tall, so he fits great on a tiered tray.

This patriotic little guy and more of his friends can be found at my Etsy shop:

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Gnomes at Home

As I was getting some gnomes ready to ship out the other day, my oldest son saw my blog address on the packaging and said, “You have a blog?” I was not offended that he didn’t seem to know that already but was glad that he reminded me. Yes, I do have a blog. Since all this Covid-19 stuff took over our lives, my blog has just been one of many things that have been neglected by me. What areas of your life have suffered since all this craziness started? Let me know how you’re doing in the comments.

While gnome sales did slow down a little bit at first for me, they’ve actually gotten pretty much back to normal. While many people are out of work or have reduced hours, I really can’t complain. The biggest struggle is just how to juggle the Etsy shop while the kids are home. Over the summer was rough, too, but at least then I wasn’t so worried about them getting schoolwork done. While, I am so thankful for the teachers finding a way to provide educational opportunities for their students virtually, making sure my boys stick with it is a new challenge for me. I just have to keep reminding myself that we’re all in this same crazy boat together, and the most important thing is to just stay calm. 🙂

How about a few new gnomes to put some smiles on our faces?

Only the watermelon gnomes are completely new designs. The others are just tweeks of past gnomes. I think they put me in a warm weather kind of mood. How about you? Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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My Lucky Little Leprechaun

Last year this festive fella received over 130k views on Pinterest, which was completely unfathomable to me. Well, he’s back! His sweater hat is a little different (can’t be helped when you use thrifted materials), and there are a few other minor differences too. I’ve made a few changes to how I make my gnomes from last year, but I like to think they’ve gotten better with age and experience. 😉 I’ve also left the beard color up to you, because you deserve choices!

Green beer drinking gnome will be back soon too, so keep a look out. 😉 Below is the link to my Etsy shop where all the gnomes are hanging out. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

JUMBO Valentine’s Gnomes are Here!

I decided that Valentine’s Day called for another JUMBO gnome design. After all, it’s time to make a BIG impression! This sweet guy holding a single red rose stands two feet tall! Don’t worry, there are no thorns to prick you on that felt rose, and it won’t wilt over time. Show that special someone that you care with with a gift that won’t die in a couple of days. 😉

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