Will this Witch Gnome be Flying on Her Broom to Your Home?

This little witch gnome may be tiny (small enough to fit on a tiered tray if you’re wondering), but she will make a big impact on your Halloween decor this fall! And yes, that is a handmade stick broom she’s holding. You can find her and other Fall and Halloween themed gnomes in my Etsy shop:


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Halloween Gnomes are Here!

Don’t you just love Fall? Between the season itself and then Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s such a fun time of year! It’s really inspiring for gnome making too! Here’s my most recent creations, but I don’t think this will be it for me this season. Now I just have to find more time to create all the ideas that keep popping into my head. 😉 I won’t complain. If I’m not making gnomes, it means I’m probably enjoying what’s left of summer with my two boys. They are eight and twelve, and I was just thinking the other day about how I think they are at my favorite ages. I know so many love the itty bitty baby stage, and there’s no denying how cute they are when they are so tiny. However, when I was getting so very little sleep, I don’t think I was a very pleasant person to be around. And as for the toddler years…I think I may have blocked them from my memory. No, all I remember is constantly running after them. Keeping them from climbing and running towards the road was an all day thing. I’m tired just thinking about it. Yes, now is the most enjoyable age for me. What about you? Do you have kids? What stage of growth is/was your favorite?

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Perfect Fall Decor: The Scarecrow Gnome

Two blog posts in two days?! Surely this isn’t Crafty Josephine’s page? You’re not lost. I’m just finishing up a lot of new gnome designs all at once and can’t wait to share them. You probably will get a bit of a break from me now, lucky ducks. ;-P

Anyway, can we talk about this guy? Generally speaking, I like the gnomes I make, but this scarecrow really makes me smile. The great thing is he makes great decor from early fall to Thanksgiving. I was stressing about making a straw hat for him, but I think the burlap hat almost fell together with little help from me. I’m also really digging the little details, like the hand sewn patches on his hat and the beady eyed crow perched on the arm. I just love him! Don’t buy him, I think I want to keep him. Okay, you can buy him if you really must. 😉

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JUMBO Fall Gnome!!!

Love gnomes but think you would love them even more if they were gi-hugeous instead of small? You are right! This sweater weather lovin’ gnome stands two feet tall and is ready to make a BIG impact on your Fall home decor.

His body, arms and nose are made of felt, his hat and mittens are made of a thrifted sweater, and he’s holding a hand embroidered pumpkin. Let’s not forget to mention the darling button and bow accent trimming that tall hat, either. He’s out to make an impression this Autumn, right through Thanksgiving.

You can find him and other Fall gnomes in my shop:


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Is It Fall Already???

As someone who found her Michigan winter lasted much longer than she would have liked, I hate to rush through Summer and start thinking Fall already. However, as a crafter and Etsy seller, I must think ahead. So yes, at least here in my house, and let’s face it in the stores too, it’s starting to look like Fall. I’ve rummaged through my most Autumn-inspired thrifted sweaters and have started creating these sweet little guys.


There are even plans in the works for jumbo gnomes. That’s right, I said it…JUMBO GNOMES! There are so many Fall-themed accents I think might be cute to add to my gnomes. Comment below what you would want your gnome to have. An accorn, a pumpkin spice latte, or a cornucopia perhaps? So many possibilities! Thanks for stopping by and keep enjoying your Summer!;-)

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I’m Short…and Here’s Why That is Good News for You

     I am short. Not just on the shorter side of average…flat out short. I’m four feet and ten inches tall. No, that’s not a typo. I’m told I inherited this wonderful short gene from my grandma who towered at a whopping four feet and eleven inches tall. Sadly she passed away before I had a chance to meet her, let alone before I grew to be nearly her height.

     Right now you’re probably thinking, “Okay, Crafty Josephine, get to the part where I benefit from your lack of height.” Well, I’ve been chopping the bottoms off of pants and dresses for as long as I can remember. Often times I’m left with a small handful of cute fabric with no purpose.

IMG_1904Back in the day my mother used to make me scrunchies with the leftover fabric she had from hemming my pants. Scrunchies! Remember those? I think they are making a comeback. At my age, if I tried wearing one I would probably just look like someone who forgot to stop wearing them the first time around instead of someone who is really on trend. 😉 I digress again. Well, now I’ve found yet another perfect use for those scraps of adorable fabric. Gnome parts! This thrift shop dress was too long for me, but after hemming it’s the perfect length. More importantly, my bee themed gnome has the arms it was always meant to have! Isn’t that just the greatest thing you’ve ever heard?! Now its insanely cute self is ready to live in and brighten up your home! You’re welcome! 😉IMG_1907


Back in March when everyone was doing their “Meet the maker” posts, I didn’t feel like I was ready to introduce myself yet. I had only been back on Etsy for a month or two and was very much still trying to get a rhythm down between making and posting. I guess this is kind of my meet the maker post a few months late.

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Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Gnomes

I’ve been thinking about making a gnome like this for months and for whatever reason just didn’t get around to it. It feels like every other post I see on Instagram either has buffalo plaid or cotton in it (some even have both). Well here’s a gnome for people who love that decor style!

What about you? What’s your home decor style? Let me know in the comments below.

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More Patriotic Gnomes!

I’ve made a second batch of patriotic gnomes at the request of my son (okay, so I was going to anyway, but he doesn’t have to know that). The last ones were more primitive style-wise, and these ones are a bit brighter. A little something for everyone, you could say.

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Nauti Gnomes!

When thinking about what kind of gnomes to make for Summer, the beach came to mind, of course! I saw some cute beach signs with all those beautiful shades of blue painted on them and really wanted to incorporate that in my beach gnome. As for the fishing net and hand embroidered starfish, well those were just an extra added flare! What makes you think of summer? Let me know in the comments.

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