Easter Gnome Accessories in Progress

I think my favorite part of making gnomes is creating the accessories that I hope give them a little extra bit of a wow factor. My previous batch of Easter gnomes were holding felt Easter Lilies that were hand chalked. That was such a fun extra detail to make! Now I’ve decided to do a batch with hand embroidered Easter eggs for the gnomes to hold. What do you think so far?046BA5CC-8314-4D54-A172-F79ADF7CC7B1

Also, I just got new packaging for my Etsy shop items. I can’t wait to show you! There will be a picture of that coming soon.

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-Crafty Josephine

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Easter Gnomes Now Available in my Shop

Well, I’ve been a busy little gnome maker all week. There are now Easter gnomes in my Etsy shop. I could not decide if I liked the gnomes better with bunny ears or simply holding the Easter Lily, so I decided to let the buyer decide. Would you like ears with that? 😉

In case you were wondering if Crafty Josephine was above bribing her rabbit with carrots to take cute pictures to help sell gnomes, the answer is no. No she’s not.


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