Happy New Year….and Valentine’s Day!?

My Etsy shop page says that I’ve been selling since around 2012 or 2013. I, however, think I’ve really only been selling for nearly a year. When I opened my shop all those years ago, I listed a couple of items, had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and gave up pretty quickly. This time around I put a lot more effort between reading about Etsy, taking better pictures, using social media, etc. I still have many improvement’s I could make, but I have come a long way in just this past year. My resolutions as far as my shop is concerned are to keep trying new things, work ahead more, and to keep making little improvements when possible. Pretty vague, eh?

Anyway, while I did think about making New Year’s gnomes this year, I have decided to wait on that one. So instead I’ll share with you my Valentine’s gnomes. Here they are. I hope you love them.

These gnomes can be purchased from my Etsy shop:


Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by!


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