A New Hobby

This year for Christmas I was fortunate enough to get a scroll saw. I have been admiring some scroll sawers (is that how you refer to people who use a scroll saw?) for awhile now on Youtube and Instagram and decided it was time for me to just try it already. These are a couple of my first projects. I am in love with this tool! There are so many possibilities. Also, it’s given me the confidence to pick up other tools that I was always so intimidated by before. I’ve even let my sons try it out a bit (with supervision, of course), and I think they really enjoyed it too. I can’t wait to see what the future brings to me and my shop with this amazing tool!

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Cinco de Mayo!

It will be May soon, can you believe it!? This means Cinco de Mayo is on its way! This is just a great holiday for this time of year. All the bright colors are just perfect for Spring/Summer. Last year I only made one Cinco de Mayo gnome as a gift for my sister’s friend. I decided I need to make more this year. And just so he wouldn’t be lonely, I got him a cactus from the dollar tree. I decorated that with some leftover crepe paper in my stash (sometimes my craft hoard comes in handy…when I’m not tripping over it) and here’s the finished product!

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Handmade Gifts & Decor by Crafty Josephine by CraftyJosephines (etsy.com)

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