Fall Gnome with Buffalo Check Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Hello All! This time I’m showing you how I make my fabric pumpkin gnome. I use buffalo plaid cotton fabric for mine, but you could certainly go with another print. Are you more of a leopard print person, or maybe paisley?

The links to the video tutorial and free pdf patterns are below.

*Quick note about the patterns

You may notice that a couple of the pattern pieces say to place them on the fold to cut, but that’s not what I did in the video. That is because I wanted to fit the pattern pieces on as few pieces of paper as possible for you to print. That became easier when I folded some of the symmetrical pieces in half and just had you cut them on the fold. Make sense? So as the famous parenting quote goes, “Do as I say, don’t do as I do.” 😉

So is there a gnome you’ve seen in my shop or on my Pinterest feed that you would like to be in one of my future videos? Let me know in the comments.

If you prefer to buy your gnomes instead of making them, you can find this adorable guy and more in my Etsy shop:


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Small Scarecrow Gnome for Fall Video Tutorial

Ready to make some great Fall decor? See the video link below to learn how I made this adorable little scarecrow gnome. There’s also free downloadable patterns to help you on your way. As for supplies, most can be found at any craft store. If you have an old pair of blue jeans around the house that you don’t/can’t wear anymore (can you say “pre-quarantine body?”), that will take care of a great deal of the gnome right there.

If making gnomes isn’t really your idea of a good time, remember you can always buy ready made ones in my Etsy shop:


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See How I Made the Jumbo Latte Gnome!

Guess what? Not only did I make this HUGE pumpkin spice latte drinking Fall gnome as my 500 Etsy Sales giveaway, I also filmed the making of it to share with you! I’ve only made a handfull of DIY videos, so watch it and give me some constructive feedback. It would be much appreciated. 🙂

Here are some free pattern pieces to help with making this gnome:

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