Marshmallow mug obsession!

Want to follow me down the rabbit hole? Here goes. I follow the Pink Hutch on Instagram and YouTube. She made a tutorial video for these adorable marshmallow straw toppers.

I thought they were so cute that I made them as soon as I got the necessary supplies. Then I felt silly not owning the actual marshmallow mugs. I mean, what year am I living in, anyway?! So then I promptly ordered what is probably a knock off set of marshmallow mugs from Amazon. Once I had the mugs, I had to have toppers and hats for them. I couldn’t just let them sit there with naked marshmallow mug heads. I’m not a monster!

So now my mugs have both faux whipped cream toppers (found myself another YouTube video to find out how to make those) and Winter hats. Here’s the video to see how I made the hats. By the way, they can be made using only Dollar Tree items!!!

There’s a sewing method and a no sew method in the video, so all can do this!

I also have other sewn marshmallow mug hats available in my Etsy shop for purchase.

Etsy shop:

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-Crafty Josephine


DIY Thanksgiving turkey gnome

See how I made this cute Fall gnome holding a hand embroidered turkey on a platter in my latest Youtube video. Here are the free patterns you will need to make your own:

Here’s the link to the video tutorial:

If you’d rather buy than DIY, here’s the link to my Etsy shop:

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