Sock gnome…done a different way

Hello there! Merry Christmas friends! I have a question for you. Have you ever had a pair of socks that you were sad to find had a hole worn in them? I’m not one to usually get emotionally attached to my socks, but every once in a while, I lose a cute pair, and it’s disappointing. I realized that all is not lost! I decided that my holey pair of cute socks can become a cute gnome…hole free, of course! I simply cut off the worn-out bottom of the sock and get to work with the leftovers. 😉

Find the needed downloadable sewing patterns for free and the video tutorial link below.

This delightful red and green gnome is actually made from a pair of Christmas socks that met an early demise due to my puppy (now a full-grown dog who is mostly out of this chewing phase). I thought it would make a cute ugly Christmas sweater for my gnome. I didn’t want a gnome beard to cover the reindeer, so I made this gnome a girl with braids.

The free sewing patterns do not include a pattern for the hat, because there’s some wiggle room for how long you want to make it. I explain it better in the video.

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