Leprechaun gnome wall or door hanger

Hello! I’m back! I was hoping to post this video tutorial a couple of days ago. The program I use to clean up the patterns for you kept crashing every 30 seconds. Okay, that may be exaggerated a bit, but just a bit. Yikes! In the future I may just have to scan my hand drawn patterns and go with those, because I’m just over working with that program. Anyway, so without any further delay, this is my latest video tutorial! A leprechaun gnome wall hanger, door hanger, wreath attachment…you hang it wherever you want to hang it! 🙂

I even experimented with a new (for me) product to make his shoes and hat ribbon shiny. It’s called vinyl fuse. Heard of it? I think it’s often used on fabric lunch bags and items you want to be able to wipe down. No one told me I couldn’t use it to make my leprechaun gnome be the most dapper guy in the neighborhood, so I did.

As mentioned earlier, I started out thinking he would be a wall hanger. Then I kept changing my mind about where he would look cutest in my home. I’m 95% sure that he’s going to live on the glass doors of my hutch. Where would you hang him?

Here’s the link to the YouTube video tutorial:

Here are the free downloadable patterns:

Supplies I used:

  • felt
  • glitter felt
  • faux fur
  • fiber fill
  • Pellon vinyl fuse
  • floral wire
  • thread
  • plaid flannel
  • twine
  • repurposed scarf (for the gnome mittens)
  • glue gun glue
  • pipe cleaner (for hanging)

*A quick note about the patterns. I used vinyl fuse on my gnome, but I don’t assume you will use it too. If you are going that route, I find ironing the vinyl fuse to the felt before cutting the pattern out of the fabric for the shoes and hat ribbon easier. It’s really up to you, though.

Here’s the link to my Esty shop, if you prefer to buy instead of DIY:


Have a great Valentine’s Day on Monday, whether you’re part of a couple, single, or whatever!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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