Sock gnome…done a different way

Hello there! Merry Christmas friends! I have a question for you. Have you ever had a pair of socks that you were sad to find had a hole worn in them? I’m not one to usually get emotionally attached to my socks, but every once in a while, I lose a cute pair, and it’s disappointing. I realized that all is not lost! I decided that my holey pair of cute socks can become a cute gnome…hole free, of course! I simply cut off the worn-out bottom of the sock and get to work with the leftovers. 😉

Find the needed downloadable sewing patterns for free and the video tutorial link below.

This delightful red and green gnome is actually made from a pair of Christmas socks that met an early demise due to my puppy (now a full-grown dog who is mostly out of this chewing phase). I thought it would make a cute ugly Christmas sweater for my gnome. I didn’t want a gnome beard to cover the reindeer, so I made this gnome a girl with braids.

The free sewing patterns do not include a pattern for the hat, because there’s some wiggle room for how long you want to make it. I explain it better in the video.

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Trapper hat gnome Video Tutorial

Hello All! How is this holiday season treating you so far? Mine’s not so bad. We have more food than we know what to do with, so I guess all is as it should be. No complaints.

This time I’m sharing with you my popular small trapper hat gnome pattern. Pictured here are ones I’ve made with different colors of buffalo plaid. I also have given him different items to hold. The Dollar Tree has great ornaments that can be used if you want to give your gnome an item. Also, depending what fabric and item you pair with him, this can be a great “all Winter long” decor item. I don’t know about you, but I always get a little blue packing up the Christmas decorations. It’s always nice to have a few things that don’t have to be put away immediately. 😉

These are the free patterns you will use to make this adorable little guy:

Here’s the link to the YouTube video tutorial:

Want to buy instead of DIY? Here’s the link to my Etsy shop where you can find this and other gnomes I’ve made:

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diy Jumbo Christmas gnome with hot chocolate mug

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and just the right amount of candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. 😉 I hate to be one of those people who just skips over Thanksgiving and goes right to Christmas, but…I’m going to be. To be fair, I have done some Fall and Thanksgiving gnome tutorials already this year, so I didn’t really skip Thanksgiving. I’m just all over the place.

Speaking of Fall, I uploaded a video tutorial for a jumbo gnome holding a hand felted pumpkin latte awhile ago. The amateur video editor that I am, I didn’t realize that a bunch of my video footage went missing somehow during the editing process. I uploaded the video thinking all was good, but all was not! If you are one of the people who saw that hot mess, I apologize. That video in mind, I decided to make a video tutorial that was very similar for Christmas. Instead of a pumpkin latte, though, this BIG guy is holding a piping hot mug of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. Here’s the link to the video tutorial and the free patterns you can use.

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diy Little Witch Gnome tutorial

Hello and Happy Halloween Season to you! Before the day passes us by, I just want to squeeze in one more Halloween gnome tutorial. Don’t be fooled, just because she’s tiny (around 6 or 7inches tall), she has a mighty decor impact! She’s ready to glam up your Halloween tiered tray, shelf, fireplace mantel, coffee bar….you get it. Wherever!

Here are the links to the YouTube video tutorial and the free downloadable patterns:

For those who prefer to buy instead of DIY, here’s the link to my Etsy shop:

I wish you the spookiest of Tuesdays! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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Gnomes to match my marshmallow mugs

Hello hello, my friends! I’m back this week with gnomes to share! Since I had leftover materials from last week’s marshmallow mug hats, I thought it only made sense to make gnomes to match. So not only did I get those socks and leg warmers that I used from Dollar Tree, but I stretched those dollars farrrrrrrrr! 😉

Then the marshmallow mug obsession continued when I decided that not only should my gnomes match the marshmallow mugs, but they should also be holding their very own handmade marshmallow mugs! I know, I know, it’s all just too much. Somebody stop me!

Here are the links to the video and to the free downloadable pattern for sewing the gnomes:

If you’d rather buy than DIY, there are plenty of gnomes that need good homes in my shop:

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Marshmallow mug obsession!

Want to follow me down the rabbit hole? Here goes. I follow the Pink Hutch on Instagram and YouTube. She made a tutorial video for these adorable marshmallow straw toppers.

I thought they were so cute that I made them as soon as I got the necessary supplies. Then I felt silly not owning the actual marshmallow mugs. I mean, what year am I living in, anyway?! So then I promptly ordered what is probably a knock off set of marshmallow mugs from Amazon. Once I had the mugs, I had to have toppers and hats for them. I couldn’t just let them sit there with naked marshmallow mug heads. I’m not a monster!

So now my mugs have both faux whipped cream toppers (found myself another YouTube video to find out how to make those) and Winter hats. Here’s the video to see how I made the hats. By the way, they can be made using only Dollar Tree items!!!

There’s a sewing method and a no sew method in the video, so all can do this!

I also have other sewn marshmallow mug hats available in my Etsy shop for purchase.

Etsy shop:

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DIY Thanksgiving turkey gnome

See how I made this cute Fall gnome holding a hand embroidered turkey on a platter in my latest Youtube video. Here are the free patterns you will need to make your own:

Here’s the link to the video tutorial:

If you’d rather buy than DIY, here’s the link to my Etsy shop:

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Fall Gnome with Buffalo Check Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Hello All! This time I’m showing you how I make my fabric pumpkin gnome. I use buffalo plaid cotton fabric for mine, but you could certainly go with another print. Are you more of a leopard print person, or maybe paisley?

The links to the video tutorial and free pdf patterns are below.

*Quick note about the patterns

You may notice that a couple of the pattern pieces say to place them on the fold to cut, but that’s not what I did in the video. That is because I wanted to fit the pattern pieces on as few pieces of paper as possible for you to print. That became easier when I folded some of the symmetrical pieces in half and just had you cut them on the fold. Make sense? So as the famous parenting quote goes, “Do as I say, don’t do as I do.” 😉

So is there a gnome you’ve seen in my shop or on my Pinterest feed that you would like to be in one of my future videos? Let me know in the comments.

If you prefer to buy your gnomes instead of making them, you can find this adorable guy and more in my Etsy shop:

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Small Scarecrow Gnome for Fall Video Tutorial

Ready to make some great Fall decor? See the video link below to learn how I made this adorable little scarecrow gnome. There’s also free downloadable patterns to help you on your way. As for supplies, most can be found at any craft store. If you have an old pair of blue jeans around the house that you don’t/can’t wear anymore (can you say “pre-quarantine body?”), that will take care of a great deal of the gnome right there.

If making gnomes isn’t really your idea of a good time, remember you can always buy ready made ones in my Etsy shop:

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